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Do you need help with choosing the correct products or beauty treatments? Whether you’re trying to improve a specific concern, such as acne, or would like to start incorporating the right products into your skincare regime, a beauty consultant from PJ Cosmetology will help you. We recommend a bespoke professional and home skin care plan consisting of high-quality products.

Skin consultation with a beauty consultant – PJ Cosmetology

Are you easily influenced and end up with a bathroom cabinet filled with products you regret buying? We believe that skincare decisions should be based on knowledge and not hype. A skin consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable expert who carries out a detailed assessment and analysis of your skin is also an educational session and a step-by-step guide to healthier-looking and beautiful skin. Imagine having a personalised skincare routine which addresses all your concerns and is suited to your needs. Contact us to create a bespoke skincare regime and treatment plan.

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