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We offer a wide range of various care and skin renewal services. We specialise in providing diamond microdermabrasion treatment in Leicestershire, which allows for effective and permanent blackhead removal. It’s a series of treatments that involve gentle abrasion of the external skin layers with diamond heads. Diamond microdermabrasion benefits include primarily the removal of dead skin cells, simultaneously stimulating the production of new skin cells and collagen, which contributes to the significant improvement of skin appearance and health.


For best results we recommend series of 2-10 treatments, every 1-4 weeks

Diamond microdermabrasion benefits

One of the main diamond microdermabrasion benefits includes its ability to provide effective blackheads removal and elimination of other skin imperfections, such as fine lines, discolourations or acne scars. This treatment is especially recommended for those wishing to rejuvenate the appearance of their skin and those suffering from skin problems.

With our treatment you can expect the skin to look fresh, bright, and radiant. Regular treatment sessions can significantly improve skin texture, ensure blackheads removal, and make the skin more elastic and reduce the visibility of pores. In addition, this process is safe for all skin types and doesn’t require a long recovery time, which is an added benefit.

Diamond microdermabrasion and its efficiency

For those interested in this treatment, it’s worth looking for nearby places offering “diamond microdermabrasion near me”. It is worth choosing our salon, which boasts experienced specialists that will handle blackhead removal in a safe and professional manner. A consultation before the treatment helps the specialist assess the health condition of the client’s skin and adjust the parameters to the individual needs.

Thanks to its gentleness and effectiveness, diamond microdermabrasion is a perfect solution for those wishing to quickly improve the appearance of their skin without resorting to invasive medical procedures. Blackhead removals treatment is recommended for both women and men searching for a way to refresh and rejuvenate their skin. The application of specialist diamond heads makes the process effective, yet gentle, which minimises the risk of irritations or skin reddening.

Versatile treatment

It is worth mentioning that diamond microdermabrasion is an exceptionally versatile treatment, as it can be adjusted to various skin types and the individual needs of the clients. Whether it’s all about general improvement of skin texture, wrinkle reduction, or fighting discolourations, our salon offers a solution tailored to a particular problem. It’s particularly important for people with specific skincare requirements.

The treatment is also renowned for its cleansing properties. Diamond microdermabrasion effectively cleanses impurities and ensures blackheads removal to make the skin clearer and more radiant. This deep type of exfoliation is extremely beneficial to people struggling with oily or mixed skin, where excess sebum and clogged pores are the frequent issue.

Why is it worth taking advantage of diamond microabrasion?

One of the key aspects that makes microdermabrasion stand out is its ability to improve the absorption of skincare products. After the treatment, the skin is better prepared to absorb active ingredients found in creams and serums. This, in turn, contributes to long-term improvement in skin health, as skincare products are able to work more effectively.

Moreover, regular sessions can contribute to long-term improvement in skin health. By stimulating natural restorative processes in the skin, the treatment helps maintain its youthful appearance and elasticity for longer. This makes microdermabrasion a solution not only to temporary skin problems, but also an investment in the future of your skin.

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In general, this treatment is a perfect choice for those wishing to effectively improve the appearance of their skin, remove blackheads and other imperfections, as well as enjoy long-term results of skin rejuvenation and refreshment. It’s a non-invasive method providing quick and visible results, which makes it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available on the market.

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